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  Pairing: Michael/Alex
Rating: I'll say "R", just to be on the safe side. Strong sexual content (as they say). Also kind of schmoopy. I wanted to finish this for Valentine's Day, but my life got in the way.
This is the first time I've wrote these two,so feedback would be appreciated. This is a continuation of "Morning" by:

[profile] happywriter06

 Thanks for the  inspiration!



“I thought you weren’t a morning person” Michael said.

“I lied.” Alex replied.

“You-lied? I am shocked”! Michael laughed and then said “ow” when Alex responded by grabbing his nipple.

Pressing down on Michael, Alex kissed him.  One of the long, deep, hard kisses Michael always associated with Alex. Only Alex knew how to kiss him like that.

“Yes, I lied” Alex whispered into his ear, pausing to bite it. “Besides, what kind of-what am I again-boyfriend -would I be if I didn’t acknowledge Valentine’s Day?"

“Very romantic. Ravish my body for Valentine’s Day!"

“Are you complaining Michael”?

Michael smiled and shook his head. “No, but can you tell me why you always pause and stumble over the word “boyfriend”?

“Because it makes me feel like I’m in the tenth grade again! I haven’t been anyone’s boyfriend since then. I’m embarrassed.”

“So, what would you  like to be called? My partner, my significant other, my other half, my”-

“Michael, hush. Please.” He considered it. “Partner sounds like we’re in business together; significant other always gets shortened to S.O. That sounds like some sort of alien terminology.Shut up " He said as Michael rolled his eyes at him.

“My other half is romantic but sounds like we’re each half of a person, lover is also romantic but it sounds like all we do is have sex”-

“And that would be a false impression to give people”? Michael was back to laughing again.

“Yes, it would. What,- that’s not all we do.”

“Alex, we haven’t been out of this bed for the last week!”

‘What’s your point Michael? We’re on vacation”.

“Yes, Alex. I know that. I also know many people who go on vacation and actually leave the hotel room!”

“We’ve left the hotel room”.

“I don’t think that going on the balcony to sunbathe or use the Jacuzzi qualifies as “leaving the hotel room, Alex”.

“The maid thought we left.”

“Yes, yes she did. And remember how she fled screaming when she realized we actually hadn’t, but were instead fucking in the Jacuzzi?”

Alex laughed at that, and then cleared his throat

“Not the point, Michael. She may have perceived us as being in the room, but we really weren’t. Damn, are you always so anal about everything—don’t let the words you were ready to say leave your lips. I’m warning you!"

“What-what was I going to say”?

“The play on the word anal? The obvious comparison about me calling you anal when I am the same way”?

“I never said that”.

“Yeah, but I know you too well”.

“No kidding. That’s how we got into this mess to begin with. You and me and our “One mind”.

“It’s a blessing-and a curse”. They both said at the same time.

Alex laughed and said “We scare me sometimes”.

 Michael sighed and stared at the ceiling. “I know, me too.”

“But that still doesn’t answer what you want to be called”.

“Can we discuss this another time”?

“What’s wrong with now”?

“Because now the only thing I want to do is celebrate Valentine’s Day with you”. Alex kissed Michael again, and every time Michael broke for air and tried to bring it up again he would kiss him and bite on his lip, saying. “It’s not fair that one man should have such incredibly luscious lips.” He stopped himself from biting down on them again and said’ Sorry. I forgot it’s Valentine’s Day. I have to be gentle”.

“Did I say that’s what I wanted from you? I think you should be extremely hard on me”. Michael couldn’t keep the laugh out of his voice when he said that.

“Oh, that’s clever. You’re bossy for a bottom,you know that?’ Alex asked as he trailed a finger down Michael’s mouth.

Michael took the finger in his mouth and sucked lightly on it. “Who said I was a bottom”?

Alex looked down at Michael, who was still pinned underneath him. “Uh, Michael where are you now? And where am I”?

“It’s not always like that! "Michael protested.

“Oh, yeah. There was that one time”...Alex began.

“It was more than once.  It was!  Stop gloating, Alex. And what is all that stuff about “bossy bottoms? Are you perusing those internet journal things again”?

“What are you talking about”?

“You know, those internet journal communities. “Bossy bottoms” sounds like one of them.”

“Funny. Well, what if I did? Which I didn’t. But what if I did? I need some insights into your bossy behavior.”

“You’re calling me bossy? I’m not sure what’s worse. Being called a bottom or being called bossy. Unless it’s the combination of the two”.

“It was meant with affection”.

“Hmm” Michael tried to appear annoyed, but it was difficult to do with Alex kissing and sucking on his neck and rubbing his hands down Michael’s chest.

Michael moaned when Alex let his tongue slip into his navel and the moans became louder as Alex swept his tongue down the length of his stomach.

Alex picked up his head and smiled at Michael. “Ok, bossy bottom. You want me to be “hard” on you? I could do that. Very easily. You know that”.

Michael’s did know that, and his eyes closed and he murmured his consent, thrusting himself upward toward Alex as he did so.

“Tell me what you’re going to do” Michael urged him on.

“First, I’m going to bite you all the way down the inside of your thighs” Alex demonstrated, leaving little bites down both thighs. Michael kept moaning and pushing himself upward to give Alex better access. When Alex licked the places he had bitten, Michael gasped at the sensation. He grabbed Alex by the hair and pulled.

Without stopping what he was doing, Alex moaned into Michael’s thigh, then slid down so he could nip all the way down to Michael’s feet. Pausing to grin at Michael he took the toes of his foot into his mouth.

Michael said “No, come on, don’t do that” but Alex continued, smiling at the effect it was having on Michael. Michael loved having his toes sucked on, for some reason it  both tickled him and drove him crazy.

Michael laughed and said “Alex, come on!”

Kissing his way back up Michael’s legs Alex grabbed Michael’s ass and squeezed as hard as he could. He took a bottle of heated massage oil and let it drip onto Michael’s thighs, then began massaging it over Michael’s balls. Leaning closer, he blew on it, heightening the sensation of heat. Looking up, Alex grinned and let it drop slowly on Michael’s erection.and roughly massaged it in, pausing to blow lightly on it, and let Michael feel the heat.

“God, stop that!” Michael said in a choked voice.

“Why –don’t you like it”?

“I think you know the answer to that!  Michael continued, gasping and reaching frantically to pull Alex’s mouth down to his cock.

Alex responded, enthusiastically taking Michael into his mouth and practically swallowing him.

Pushing himself down further, he rubbed more oil into his hand and roughly put his fingers inside Michael’s ass. As the wave of heat hit Michael he practically screamed at Alex to fuck him.

“Shh, you’re so loud, Michael. You’ll attract the attention of the cleaning crew again. We can’t let the maid have another almost heart attack. I’m not sure she could handle it”

“I thought you said you would ‘ride me hard”, Alex. I’m waiting”.

“Oh, you really are asking for it, you know that Michael”?

“Well, then stop talking and give it to me”.

That was all the incentive Alex needed. He growled into Michael’s ear and pushed back, making sure that his entrance was hard and deep as Michael wanted.

Michael yelled-loudly. “Damn, fuck Alex. God that’s”-

“Hard enough for you”?

Michael could barely nod before another loud moan escaped his lips.

Alex smiled and continued pushing harder, hitting Michael deeper with each thrust.

The two of them dissolved into incoherent passionate noises which continued until the two of them felt like they were going to spontaneously combust. They both came screaming a mixture of obscenities and words of love.

As Alex collapsed on top of Michael he said:”I can think of one word that we haven’t used yet to describe what I am to you.”

“Mmm, what? I swear Alex if you say my master I’ll hit you so hard”-

Alex cut him off and whispered in his ear “Your husband”.

Michael stopped in mid sentence and looked at Alex for signs that he was teasing him. When he saw that he wasn’t he smiled and kissed him.

“I think that’s one description I’d like to hear from your lips. And it’s one I’d like to say to you, too”.

Alex kissed him and said “I’m glad the bossy bottom agrees”.

Michael just laughed and kissed him back.






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