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Title: Slash Fanfic 101 - Lesson 7 -- Finals
Author: Me
Pairing: Wentworth/William; Michael/Mahone
Rating: Not quite M …
Word Count: 1943

A/N: Okay … so it’s possible that the way I’ve written Kim (Bill’s wife) into this Lesson may be completely OOC for her, but to be perfectly honest, I wrote her the way I’d be if I were her … if that makes any sense. Also? This entire Lesson is wildly out of hand. The fic was written in fun and is meant to be fun (not serious) so … FUN! :) And I don’t know if I’m satisfied with this part. I had to re-write a bunch of it and I’m still just meh about it.

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* * * * * * * * * *

“You don’t seem particularly surprised to have found us here like this,” Wentworth tossed his shirt over his shoulder as he and Bill exchanged confused glances. “Why is that, Dom?”

“Yeah,” Bill agreed and eyed his friend suspiciously. “Why aren’t you surprised to find two of your male friends, completely naked, and on top of each other? It seems to me that you should be at least a *little* bit shocked.”

“And yet, you’re not.”

“You’re kidding, right?” Dom stared at the two men, his impossibly large smile growing bigger by the second. He gestured between them as his eyes twinkled with mischief. “This is no surprise. It just so happens that there was a pool …”

“A pool?” Wentworth was confused. “What do you mean?”

“A pool. You know, a bet?”

“God,” Bill sat down on the arm of the sofa. He pinched the bridge of his nose. “What kind of bet was it, Dom?”

“You two were the bet. When you were gonna finally, you know, get down to business,” Dom made an obscene gesture with his hands in order to clarify his point. “Everyone knew it was going to happen, it was just a question of when.”

“Are you saying that the entire cast and crew …” Bill trailed off. Wentworth just sighed and shook his head.

“Oh, come on, guys,” Dom walked over to the sofa and placed his hands on each of their shoulders, “it was inevitable. Can’t you see that? When you’re on set together. When you’re doing scenes together. Even when it’s just the three of us. The way you talk to each other. The way you almost gravitate to one another no matter where you are. It was obvious to everyone that there was *something* between the two of you. Vance and I were talking about it the other day. He told me that all you needed,” Dom tapped the laptop, “was a little push.” He flashed a winning smile and grabbed a beer.

“Vance?” Bill‘s eyes widened in shock.

“Wait a second,” Wentworth studied his friend for a moment, “are you telling me that this was all a plan? The email? The websites? Suggesting I show them to Bill? All part of a bet? To get Bill and I together?”

“Yep,” Dom took a long swallow of his beer.

“Your friend? His girlfriend?” Wentworth questioned.

“Don’t exist. Well, they do exist … it was Vance and Danay,” Dom clasped Wentworth on the back of his neck. It was a friendly, comforting gesture that they used with each other often; especially after shooting a particularly difficult scene. “Listen, guys, none of this was done to hurt you. It was to help you. You two were obviously blind to what was going on between you, and it was starting to drive the rest of us crazy. I mean, even Kim noticed.”

“What?!?” Bill’s eyes snapped to Dominic. “How do you …? When did she …?”

“I think it was back when we were shooting Good Fences. Yeah, yeah, it definitely was during Good Fences. She was on set the day that you and Went were shooting your scenes. I can’t remember why …”

“They had plans to visit some friends in Dallas that weekend,” Wentworth said as he reached up and rubbed his knuckles across his eyes. He felt a major headache coming on.

“How do *you* remember that?” Bill’s asked, his confusion obvious in his tone.

“I just … do,” he replied tightly and gestured at Dom to continue. “Get on with it, please.”

“Right. Yeah. So, after I’d read the script and the scene in Michael’s cell, I figured I’d come on set and watch you two shoot it. I wanted to see what you’d do with the material. I’m sitting in my chair, doing just that, when Kim wanders up and asks if she can sit and watch with me. Of course I said yes. Who am I to turn away a beautiful woman’s company?”

“Dom,” Wentworth warned, “we don’t need, or want, any color commentary. Just finish the story already.”

“Okay, fine. The first few takes were pretty rough. You guys seemed a little stiff.” Bill coughed and Dom chuckled. “Sorry. Bad choice of words. But you were definitely off. Something was not right. So, I remember the director pulling each of you, separately, off to the side and speaking with you. When they shot the next take, both of you were on fire. I have no idea what he said, but it worked. There was this electricity in the air. I’m not even sure I can describe it. All I know, is that it gave me goosebumps. At one point, Bill, you leaned in so close to Went, that I thought you might kiss him. I heard Kim sort of gasp next to me and when I turned to see what was wrong, her face was flushed. She reached over, squeezed my arm and said ‘He’s going to kiss him.’”

Dominic paused and glanced at Bill. Wentworth also turned his gaze to his friend. Bill’s face had drained of color and his expression was a mixture of surprise, horror and confusion.

“What did you say to her, Dom?” Wentworth questioned.

“I wasn’t sure *what* to say. I really had no fucking idea. I mean, it was one thing to be bullshitting with Vance or Knepper about you two, but Kim? I swear, I just wanted to pretend I didn’t even hear her.”

“Dom, please,” Wentworth prodded his friend to get him back on track, “we know you heard her. She knew you heard her. What did you say to Kim?”

“I remember laughing and then saying something innocent, like, ‘Who’s going to kiss who?’ and she gestured at you and Bill and said ‘Duh! Who do you think? Them!’ I told her that, as far as I knew, it wasn’t written in the script and laughed again. She looked at me like I’d grown a second head. Then she said she’d always known you two had some real chemistry between you, but she hadn’t realized *how much*. She kept going on and on about different times, different scenes where she’d noticed your obvious connection and before I knew it, I was saying ‘It sounds like you *want* them to kiss.’”

“What?!?” Bill jumped to his feet and stumbled in the process. Wentworth managed to grab him before he fell, and he hauled him back down onto the arm of the sofa.

“Calm down, Bill. It‘s okay.” Wentworth, now angry, turned all of his focus on Dominic. “Jesus, man! Why on earth would you say that to her?”

“Would you two just chill the fuck out. Do you even want to know what she said?” Dom waited until Bill nodded, then he continued. “She *told* me that if he,” Dom poked Bill in the chest with his forefinger, “was going to kiss someone, that you,” then he jabbed Went in the chest, “would be the one she’d choose.”

Wentworth was stunned into silence. He felt Bill go limp beside him and collapse onto the sofa. Wentworth followed him down.

“Well, I guess that sort of clears up *that* problem,” Bill mumbled quietly to Wentworth.

Dominic moved some of the beer bottles and perched on the edge of the table.

“I was so shocked, that I didn’t say anything else. Not that it mattered, because a few minutes later, you were finished shooting and everyone left. Come Monday, everyone was talking about it non-stop. How that since even *Kim* saw what you had together, maybe it was time to do something or say something to you about it. But, we all knew that if anyone would have come right out and said something, both of you would have denied it. So Vance, Danay and I took it upon ourselves to do a little research. Find something we could use to give you guys that little shove I mentioned earlier. And, well, you saw what we found,” Dom paused and cleared his throat. “We also found some Michael and Lincoln stuff that gave me nightmares -- no offense intended, Went. You’re just not my type.” He laughed softly. “So, that’s it. The whole story.” Dom stood and drained his beer. “Now that we’re clear, I’ll let you get back to your, uh, fun. I’m really sorry I interrupted,” he said, turned and strode over to the door. “See ya!”

Dom was halfway out when, like a ton of bricks, realization struck Wentworth. He rushed over, arriving just as his friend’s feet touched the ground.

“Stop right there, pal,” Wentworth shouted out the door. He waited until his friend turned around, then he continued speaking. “How much did you win?”

“What?” Dom said, fake innocence and sweetness coating his tone. Wentworth hated it when Dom used that sing-song voice with him. Like nails on a chalkboard, it made the hair at the nape of his neck stand up and his back teeth hurt.

“How. Much. Did. You. Win?” he asked tightly.

“Well, I’m not quite sure. Everyone put in at least a hundred. Some, more than that. Last count, I think it was something like seven grand and some change. So, I’ll end up with about twenty three hundred - after giving Vance and Danay their cut. Not bad for a day’s work,” he laughed and sprinted away.

“That money’s going to be split five ways, not three, you asshole!” Wentworth’s ultimatum was answered with a chorus of cheers and whistles and catcalls. He glanced down and saw that he was only wearing a sweaty, rumpled pair of shorts. The edge of his briefs was sticking out the top of them and his t-shirt was still hanging, unworn, over his shoulder. Instead of diving into the trailer and slamming the door behind him, he took a bow. “Thank you! Thank you! I’ll be here all week.”

Then he stepped back and closed the trailer. With a chuckle, Wentworth let his head fall forward onto the cool, rough surface of the door. His fingers found the lock and, with a single turn it clicked.

“So,” he said cheerfully and turned on his heels, “now that our secret’s out, where were we?”

Wentworth’s breath caught. Bill had relocated and was now standing in the doorway to the trailer’s small bedroom. He had removed all of his clothing and was wearing nothing but a smile.

“Went, they all knew this would happen,” Bill leaned against the door frame, “the whole time? They planned it? Planned to get us together?”

“Looks that way.”

“Even Kim was sort of involved in it?”

“Guess so,“ Wentworth slurred and closed the distance between them, discarding his own clothing along the way. “Are you mad?”

“Are you?”

“No,” Wentworth’s hand slipped around Bill’s middle. He thrust his hips forward, forcing his rapidly inflating erection against his friend’s hip. “I’m definitely not mad.”

“Me either,” Bill wrapped his arms around Wentworth and began to pull him into the bedroom.

Halfway into the room, Wentworth took control. He gently pushed Bill, keeping him moving until the man’s calves collided with the bed. Wentworth gave him a shove and Bill fell onto the mattress.

“As a matter of fact,” Wentworth climbed up onto the bed, settling himself between Bill’s spread knees. He slid two of his fingers into Bill‘s mouth, wetting them with his friend‘s saliva. Then he leaned in to kiss him roughly. He pushed his two, slick fingers into Bill‘s tight asshole and the man groaned loudly in response. “I’m really looking forward to reading what those authors write when they hear about *this*.”

~The End?~
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