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Title: Slash Fanfic 101 - Lesson 3
Author: Me
Pairing: Wentworth/William; Michael/Mahone
Rating: Let's just say M.
Word Count: 2015
Disclaimers: See Lesson 1.

Lesson 1
Lesson 2

* * * * * * * * * *

Wentworth heard the shower turn on. A moment later, Bill’s slightly off pitch voice drifted out from behind the closed door. He listened for a minute or two. It was Aerosmith. The song was vaguely familiar, but Wentworth couldn’t think of the name.

To his surprise, he began to hum along and turned his attention back to the laptop. It was tedious, mind-numbing work. Delete. Delete. Read, then delete. Delete. File. Delete. Wentworth noticed that his eyes kept moving away from his inbox and over to Dom’s folder.

“No, I said I’d wait for Bill,” he muttered to himself, then glanced over his shoulder. The bathroom door was cracked open and steam was billowing out of it. The water continued running. Bill continued singing. Wentworth turned back to his email. After deleting ten or twenty more messages, he decided to open the email from Dom. Check it out. Bill wouldn’t mind if he got a head start.

He slid the mouse pointer over Dom’s file and clicked it. The email his friend had sent was right on top of the list. He opened it and saw a note from Dom, followed by a couple of links.

W … so I got an email from my mate, Gator. He tells me that his girlfriend … who’s ‘in love’ with Michael Scofield, by the way … belongs to this website called ‘LiveJournal’. I guess it’s some sort of blogging community. Anyway, he was saying that she’s a member of these sub-groups on the site that are related to Prison Break. She showed him a mess of them. I’m sure you’re wondering why I’d tell you about this. Well, if you click on the first two links below, you’ll have your answer.

Wentworth glanced at the links.


Beneath these, Dom’s message continued.

That last link is a little more … general. The first two are the ones I figured you’d find the most interesting … Enjoy! Oh, and Bill might get a kick out of this stuff too. You should show it to him sometime.

With a shake of his head and a soft chuckle, Wentworth clicked on the first link. A new window opened and the first thing he saw was a header. A picture - actually, two pictures combined - one of him as Michael, the other of Bill as Alex. They were from the episode Manhunt. The wall scene. By far one of Wentworth’s favorites from that episode, maybe the whole series. The first sign of the obvious connection between the two characters. It had been a perfect scene. Wentworth felt the corners of his mouth twitching into a smile as he remembered thinking that the way the scene had been edited, made it seem almost erotic. The way Michael and Alex blended together, then separated.

Wentworth’s body began to warm and goosebumps peppered his skin. He shook himself so he could refocus.

Above the banner were the words “Wallporn - A Michael Scofield/Agent Alexander Mahone Community.”

“Wallporn?” He finished his beer and set the empty bottle down on the table. “Wallporn. Wallporn.” He kept repeating the word over and over until finally the dots connected in his head. Another small laugh escaped him. “Okay, I get it now.”

Scrolling down, he looked over the entries. Titles. Ratings. Disclaimers. Summaries. Obviously, these were stories of some kind, and they somehow involved either the characters of Michael, Alex or both of them. As he rolled over the page, Wentworth also noticed a few entries had his name and Bill’s name on them. He worked his way all the way back to the first entry in the community. It was a story called “Inevitable” by someone named [livejournal.com profile] serafina20 and according to the header it was rated NC17.

“Interesting.” Wentworth felt the gears in his mind trying to figure something out, but not quite getting there. He shrugged off the feeling and clicked on the provided link. Then, he read. And read. And read. With each paragraph, Wentworth felt himself becoming more and more aroused. His body was hot; his skin seeming to pull tighter and tighter until it was almost painful. Beads of sweat rolled down his spine and forehead. In his chest, his heart was pounding, forcing his blood to race through him. Each breath was difficult, labored, so he began to pant.

And, to his surprise, Wentworth realized that he had an erection. He knew he probably should stop reading, but he couldn’t. And the more he read, the further into it he fell. Everything around him seemed to disappear. Everything except the computer and the stories. Stories about Michael and Alex.

Wentworth was halfway through his fourth story when he heard the shower turn off. He put the laptop on the table and tried to calm himself down. After all, what would Bill think if he came out here and saw Wentworth with a raging hard-on? From reading stories about Michael and Alex fucking each other?

You hope he gets a boner after reading them too, dontcha Went?

“No, I don’t,” he muttered to himself then grabbed his beer and drained the entire thing down in two or three swallows. It was refreshingly cool, but not nearly cool enough to douse the fire that was currently raging in his groin.

Yes, you do.

“Fuck,” Wentworth jumped to his feet and began to pace. His eyes kept flicking over to the bathroom door. Bill was now humming and the gritty sound was sending Wentworth’s arousal into a state of overdrive. He felt as if he were about to jump out of his skin.

He’s sure taking his own, sweet, fucking time in there, isn’t he?

“Shut up!” Wentworth felt unsteady on his feet. He leaned over and grasped the back of the sofa. The pressure kept building and building until it became too much. Finally, he snapped.

Three large steps and he was standing outside the bathroom door. He raised his knuckles and, after pausing for about a second, knocked as hard as he could.

“Christ,” Bill shouted, then Wentworth heard the sound of something clattering against the vanity and down to the floor. The door jerked inward and Wentworth was greeted with the sight of Bill, still dripping wet, with a towel slung loosely around his hips. He inhaled sharply. “The fuck, Went! You scared the shit out of me. What the hell’s the matter with you, man?”

“Uh …” *Shit!* he thought. *Now what?* He glanced down at his watch. “You said ten minutes. It’s been about thirty,” Wentworth shifted so that his erection wasn’t as obvious. “I got tired of waiting,” he cleared his throat and walked to the fridge, “so I started going through the … uh … stuff without you. Hurry up.”

“Fine. I just want to comb my hair.”

“You and your fucking hair,” Wentworth grabbed as many beers as he could manage, thankful for their coldness, and made his way back into the living area. He placed the bottles on the table and dropped down onto the sofa. “You’re worse than a woman, do you know that?”

“Jealously is so unbecoming, Mr. Miller,” Bill shook out his hair as he spoke. “Don’t hate.”

“You know,” Wentworth began, turning over his shoulder just as Bill dropped his towel. His words died in his mouth. Blood rushed into his dick and it jumped in his pants. He watched as the man dressed. The way his muscles moved; biceps forming into solid rolls of flesh as he pulled a sky-blue colored t-shirt over his head; hamstrings and calves tightening, lengthening, as he slid into a pair of form-fitting boxer briefs, then finished with a pair of cotton navy and white plaid lounge pants.

He looks fucking delicious in your clothes, doesn’t he, Went?

Wentworth bit his bottom lip and turned away as Bill ran his fingers through his damp hair. Once again, he started to pant as his heart throbbed in his chest. Another blush was working its way over his features. His jeans were achingly tight. He tried to rearrange himself, but could find no relief.

It was starting to become unbearable. Wentworth realized that he had to change or jerk off or *something*. And soon. Or he was going to explode. But before he could do anything, Bill plopped down onto the sofa beside him. He grabbed a beer, opened it and took a long drink.

“So,” he drawled, propping his bare feet up on the table and placing his arm across the back of the sofa. He tapped Wentworth playfully on the shoulder. “Show me everything. I want to know what Dom has such a hard-on over.”

Wentworth’s head snapped to the side and his eyes locked on Bill’s. The other man seemed somewhat startled by his quick movement.

“What? Something I said?”

“Uh, no,” Wentworth swallowed roughly, “it’s nothing. Nothing. Here,” he picked up the laptop and placed it in Bill’s lap. “Click on this link right here and just read. I’ll, uh, be right back. I want to change out of these, um, jeans.”

“Why?” Bill asked innocently and took another drink.

“They’re, um, they don’t fit quite as well as I’d hoped and it’s pretty uncomfortable.” Wentworth stood and rushed into the bathroom. He pushed the door shut and leaned back against it. Then his eyes slipped shut and he took three or four deep, calming breaths.

*What the hell is wrong with me?* he thought. *Since when am I attracted to Bill?*

Since the day he set foot on set? Since the day you laid your eyes on him? Take your pick, Went, because you know both are true.

“Hey, Went?” Wentworth’s breath caught at the sound of Bill’s confused voice. “What is this stuff?”

“Just,” he grit his teeth as he tried to lower the zipper around his strangled dick, but the teeth just wouldn‘t give. When it finally slipped past the bulge, Wentworth yelped out in relief. “Just read it, okay? We can talk about it in a minute.” He stepped out of the jeans and allowed himself a few moments to think about the things that didn’t turn him on: baseball, sharks, getting Michael’s stupid tattoo put on … He grabbed a pair of gray sweat shorts and jerked them on. With every breath he took, Wentworth felt himself becoming more and more relaxed. And, after dunking his face in a sink full of cold water, his erection was gone and he was confident enough to go back out into the living area.

“Sorry that took me so long. I was,” Wentworth paused and gave a little chuckle. He moved around the couch and sat. “You took my favorite pants and I couldn’t …”

Right then, he noticed how odd Bill looked. He was sitting ramrod straight, his hands frozen on the laptop keyboard, his eyes glued to the screen. A blush had colored his features bright red and his chest was heaving. There was a small ring of sweat forming around the collar of the man’s t-shirt.

“Bill,” Wentworth tried and got nothing in response. “Bill? Hey,” he reached out and touched his friend on the shoulder. Bill, startled, jerked back at the contact. “Sorry. I didn’t mean to scare you, but are you okay?”

“Did you … read … any of these?’ Bill was blinking rapidly and Wentworth saw that his pupils were completely dilated.

“Yes,” he replied as calmly as he could manage, “I did.”

“They’re about … Alex … and, and Michael … having … doing …”

Bill’s eyes lifted and met Wentworth’s. There was a pleading in them, and also, something else. Wentworth wasn’t sure what that something else was, but Bill’s baby-blue eyes had deepened into a shade that was closer to sapphire. He slid his gaze down his friend’s body and noticed that the man had an erection. Wentworth’s lips threatened to turn up into a smile, but he ignored the sensation and kept his face neutral. He tilted his head to the side.

“Having sex, Bill,” Wentworth said carefully. His tongue slipped out to moisten his dry lips. “They are stories about Alex and Michael having sex.”

~TBC in Lesson 4~
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